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KOCH SYSTEME CS Kitchen Cooker – The Best Cooking Partner

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KOCH SYSTEME CS Kitchen Cooker – The Best Cooking Partner

November 19
01:19 2020

KOCH SYSYEME CS was established in the 1980s as a kitchenware brand of Carl Schmidt Sohn in Solingen, Germany. Since 1829, with the expertise in the development of knives and tableware, KOCH SYSYEME CS has expanded to more kitchenware product categories, focusing on tableware and cookware concepts that fully meet customer needs. The core product line of KOCH SYSYEME CS is flexible and personalized.

The KOCH SYSYEME CS brand has gradually entered the public eye, sold all over the world, and has a certain market share. KOCH SYSTEME CS will always be committed to the art of healthy cooking, seeking breakthroughs and innovations is the eternal goal of the brand.

Therefore CSK Kitchen has launched two series of non-stick pans, ceramic materials, and granite non-stick coating materials, the colors include copper, red, gray, black, pink, etc., and the sizes are different: 8 inches, 10 inches, 11 inches, 12 inches, etc.

KOCH SYSTEME CS’s best-selling copper-colored frying pan set with lid uses professional-grade 100% PFOA-free ceramic coating, which is greasy and healthy and conducts heat evenly. It is very suitable for use in low to medium heat conditions. The internal aluminum alloy layer of this copper nonstick skillet has super wear resistance. The stainless steel handle is easy to grasp and has a certain degree of heat resistance. It can be safely heated to 450°F in an oven.

The hot-selling 10″ +12″ red non-stick cookware set with a lid, mainly uses a stone derived non-stick coating and also has a fast heat conduction and durable aluminum alloy layer, which is compatible with a variety of stoves, making steak, lamb chops, etc. A gourmet frying pan with a capacity for 3-4 people. Cooking novices and enthusiasts will like it. It should be noted that these red granite nonstick cooking pans use a special Bakelite handle, so this series of non-stick frying pans are not compatible with the oven.

Another 11-inch gray non-stick pan with granite texture is also popular among consumers. It also has a scratch-resistant non-stick layer, free of PFOA and APEO, high-quality multi-layer bottom, and super wear-resistant. The 3mm thick body makes the pot durable and not easy to warp. This 11” omelet pan uses the same granite stone coating as the red non-stick frying pan, but the only difference is that it uses the same stainless steel handle as the copper frying pan.

In terms of material comparison, the non-stick performance of the granite non-stick coating is better than that of the ceramic coating, but the material strength of the ceramic coating is higher than that of the granite rock soil, so the ceramic coating has the better anti-stick performance. Scratch-resistant and the surface are more durable. Therefore, there is always a trade-off between durability and non-stick performance.

If consumers are interested in this series of pans from CSK, please follow the Amazon official store updates or follow the upcoming promotions below to buy. Choose the favorite CSK cooking non-stick frying pan and enjoy every cooking time!

Guided by the idea of healthy cooking, Carl Schmidt Sohn has launched a few kitchen appliances. The first one is the CrispyTop that delivers different recipes with a healthy way and transfers the 6Qt or 8Qt pressure cooker into an air fryer. Users are allowed to go on a deep frying WITHOUT extra butter or oil. Not only that, this multi-functional lid provides broiling and dehydrating functions, steak, chips, fried chicken, sweet potatoes, all of these will be delivered by 1829 CARL SCHMIDT SOHN CrispyTop! The second is the pressure cooker & air fryer combos with 21 presets. The detachable pressure & crispy lids realize the switchover between pressure cooker and air fryer. By the way, it’s quite straightforward to use provided with the presets.

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