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Dragon City farms Inc. are providing fresh and pesticide-free produce to local restaurants and consumers in the USA

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Dragon City farms Inc. are providing fresh and pesticide-free produce to local restaurants and consumers in the USA

December 04
13:57 2019

Dragon City Farms Inc. is established with the aim of growing and providing fresh, insecticide-free and pesticide-free crops to the local restaurants and consumers in the USA. To begin with, they are developing hydroponic lettuces, other leaf crops and some varieties of herbs in a controlled-environment greenhouse, utilizing the latest technology in soilless, hydroponic growing systems. This is a much-needed project considering the increasing demand for fresh produce among the consumers and the inability of field growers to meet their needs.

Dragon City Farms is on a mission to provide fresh, safe and superior quality, locally grown produce to consumers in the surrounding area. Of course, catering to such a large number of consumers requires a huge budget, which is why it is currently seeking investors and backers via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The Dragon City Farms is seeking a total investment of $40,000  to use in conjunction with other funds raised to increase production to 7,884 lbs greens and 179,000 oz. of herbs annually. It is to be noted that these numbers are only based on the initial set of 270 towers and the full operation will have approximately 1149 towers that will produce about 5 times the above amount.

Dragon City farms will overcome the shortcomings of conventional agriculture methods like high cost of labor and materials, excessive use of pesticides and insecticides, and difficulty in meeting the changing demands of the consumers. Dragon City farms, on the other hand can grow superior quality products at a competitive price, without the use of pesticides and supply fresh produce to the consumers. Furthermore, the hydroponic methods used by the Farms use about one-tenth of the water normally used in open field agriculture and the need for fertilizer is also less as compared to conventional agriculture methods.

In summary, Dragon City Farms seems to have great potential considering the increasing consumer awareness in terms of what they eat and how it is grown. The interested individuals can support the project’s crowdfunding campaign on

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