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Discover Chiropractic Offers Care to Car Crash Victims Suffering from Sciatica

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Discover Chiropractic Offers Care to Car Crash Victims Suffering from Sciatica

November 05
22:12 2019
Discover Chiropractic Offers Care to Car Crash Victims Suffering from Sciatica

Austin, TX – Discover Chiropractic, at, is a comprehensive chiropractic clinic that offers a variety of services. In addition to wellness care, which includes preventative measures and regular appointments, the practice also helps car crash victims suffering from sciatica.

Sciatica is the pain that radiates from a patient’s lower spine and down to the back of their leg. It often results from a motor vehicle accident or other violent disruption of the body’s position.

Dr. Clark of Discover Chiropractic specializes in sciatica treatment. He works to realign patients’ spines. He also relieves pressure from the sciatic nerve, which helps patients get on the road to recovery. He offers drug-free pain relief, restores patients’ range of motion, and reduces inflammation.

In addition to treating sciatica, he also treats those suffering from whiplash. Whiplash is another injury that occurs as a result of traffic accidents. It involves the injury of disks between the nerves, bones, and muscles of the neck and spine. Dr. Clark treats issues that medical doctors aren’t educated to tend to, like misalignments of the vertebrae.

While he tends to car crash victims, Dr. Clark also offers other services. For example, he tends to pregnant women to help alleviate back pain. He also treats those with long-term back and neck pain.

As outlined on his website, Dr. Clark sees each patient for about 10 minutes at each appointment. This efficient scheduling caters to patients’ busy lives and allows for more effective treatment sessions. Before beginning regular treatment, Dr. Clark has a consultation with each new patient to determine if chiropractic services will benefit them.

Until July of 2018, the practice operated from West Gate Blvd. Today, it is located on Lamar Blvd, where it continues to change the lives of car crash victims and patients suffering from long-term back and neck issues.

Dr. Clark’s practice is making an effort to become available to patients with different needs throughout Austin. In addition to treating patients with recurring problems, Dr. Clark is a trusted chiropractor for sciatica. He caters his services to car crash victims suffering from this painful condition.

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Company Name: Discover Chiropractic
Contact Person: Brian Clark, DC
Email: Send Email
Phone: (512) 288-7000
Address:4544 S Lamar Blvd #750
City: Austin
State: TX 78745
Country: United States

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