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A New Generation of Game Leading Project DGPT

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A New Generation of Game Leading Project DGPT

November 05
15:29 2019

Are you ready for the blockchain technology revolution?

Can you withstand the violent impact of blockchain on traditional industries?

Can you hold with the irreversible adjustment caused by blockchain innovation resource allocation?

Do you know how to get a glimpse into the uncertain future of blockchain application scenarios?

On October 25, Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, indicated that the country has already taken blockchain as an important breakthrough of core technology self-innovation. It already shows that the blockchain technology is shifting the paradigms. Are you ready? Embracing a big change or continuing with the usual life – what’s your choice? The recent hot blockchain game project DGPT would be a good choice.

What is DGPT?

DGPT is the token to Decentralized Game Platform (DGP). DGP is a revolutionary social practice masterpiece of the blockchain created by a Geek Squad of technology masters. Rather than a single blockchain project, it is a distributed privacy blockchain project integrating diversified research results based on blockchain.

DGP, a game distribution platform based on blockchain, replies on distributed server. With the decentralized network, this project will last permanently as long as there is one node worldwide. DGPT is a cryptocurrency which can exchange all distributed OTC exchange network to prove that it can be treated anonymously by zero knowledge of technology. It is also a green channel which allows replacement of legal currency by Bitcoin in an anonymous way. Moreover, it is the whole network advertising information bidding release platform.

To put it simply, DGP initially realizes anonymous transactions, contest system, information network broadcast, distributed OTC trading, super master node and so on. All functions are mutually echoed, cycled and balanced, forming a powerful operation structure of DGP, which makes GDPT‘s internal game balance, community promotion, business docking, value accumulation as well as network expansion thoroughly overturn the cognition of centralized thinking. Eventually, a new and decentralized internet ecology is created by mutual efforts of the community.

Discussion on DGPT game application scenario

The common problems that continue to exist in the game industry are that users worry about their accounts being stolen or operated clandestinely, while game developers spend top dollars for developing games, and face huge difficulty in sales and distribution of the games. DGP solves the problems of both players and developers in the game application field. Through investigation, we found DGP is an underlying tool and platform which enables game developers to realize game eco-chain, rather than realizing the same as a simple game. This implies that developers can develop their ideal games based on their imagination and creation and achieve “game blockchain” in virtue of DGP. Besides solving the problems of players and developers with decentralized and distributed accounting technology, DGP supports 10,000 transaction per minute, which means transaction can be smooth. Even if millions of players are simultaneously transacting, it won’t get stuck whether a user is using a copied or original version of a game, and game players can also gain the corresponding token awards.

As a DGP game distribution platform token, DGPT plays a very crucial role in DGP game ecology:

1. It can be used to purchase all kinds of tools in DGP game distribution platform.

2. It can aid in seamless account transfer and gift exchange between friends in DGP game distribution platform.

3. It can be used to distribute all kinds and awards and incentives to users in GDP game distribution platform.

4. It can be taken as the intermediary agent for points exchanges among game platforms;

5. It can be circulate das a value token in blockchain system.

6. It can act as appreciation earnings of value blockchain projects.

Ready Player One Game World Created by DGPT

Ready Player One is a film from real world to game world created by famous director Steven Spielberg. Director Steven Spielberg constructed an imaginative world, and we can feel the expression beyond the reality or traditional mode of thinking from the endless flow of frames. Ready Player One is an “oasis” in the gamer’s world, and almost everyone plays games there. It is so real that it can almost replace the real world. It is the ideal kingdom of our real world, but after all it’s only s game in which everything can disappear in a flash. From real world to game world, all kinds of unconstrained design present customers with a dream-like experience. Integration between real world and game world and clever combination of the pop culture such as classic films, games and music all make audiences sympathetic. “I am here to avoid the reality but I found things far more important than myself. I made a lot of friends and I found my true love.”

DGP game distribution platform is developing the game Escape in which all scenes are from life. In Escape, players can customize their own identities (farmers, merchant prince, king and so on) and experience different lifestyles. DGPT is the value intermediary agent and wealth symbol of transaction in games.

Blockchain reform which is based on technology revolution, is sweeping across industries. Lots of global top 500 enterprises have already deployed blockchain in an all-round way to redefine user relation, business value, industry size and ecological mode. Blockchain is not only a technology revolution and internet storm but it has also triggered a huge change in the global economy, financial industry as well as in market patterns.

Today, China is the nerve center of global entrepreneurship and innovation. A vast of Chinese innovative elites has taken the lead to foster the growth of the blockchain industry, while blockchain industry urgently needs to be pushed with the cooperation of professionals and professional platforms. DGPT aims to reshape the future of the application of blockchain.

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