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Consumption of milk is bad for human longevity: Jishu Dev Malakar

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Consumption of milk is bad for human longevity: Jishu Dev Malakar

November 05
14:52 2019

Consumption of milk is bad for human longevity, says Jishu Dev Malakar, founder of Longevity Next.

Jishu Dev Malakar in known for his unique approach towards human longevity enhancement and overall fitness and well-being by combining dietary science along with psychological hacks. He now claims that consumption of milk by adults is causing great harm to their overall health and longevity.

Consuming milk and dairy products on a regular basis by adults can be a major contributor towards life threatening conditions like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, says Jishu Dev Malakar.

“Forget drinking milk of another mammal, have you ever seen any animal in the wild consuming milk once it achieves a particular body weight even from its own specie?” asks Jishu.

Mammals like humans or a cow produces milk so that her newborn calf can gain weight, grow very fast and quickly becomes a 600 kg (approx 1,400 lbs) adult animal. So unless you want to keep on gaining weight, you better stay away from milk, recommends Jishu Dev Malakar.

The lactose or the “milk sugar” not only raises blood sugar, but can trigger an inflammatory response in most of the adult population as majority of the people can not digest it. “This is nature’s way of warning us to stay away from certain food,” he argues. Also, many people are allergic to casein, a milk protein. One might also unknowingly end up having antibiotics and other unwanted substances in their system depending upon how the cattle was raised.

Jishu also debunked the myth that adults need milk for better teeth and bones. “Do you think weak bones can sustain 6,000 kg (13,200 lbs) weight of an African bush elephant? Or do you have any doubts in the power of canines of an adult Bengal tiger who had its mother’s milk for just 2 months as a cub? Our body is an amazing machine that can extract the required nutrients from a balanced diet.”

So does that mean one should never drink milk and stay away from all forms of dairy? “Not at all! Butter, cheese, ghee are few of the healthiest source of fats that one can have. Also, a growing teenager with high level of physical activity has nothing to worry, but I’d recommend the full fat milk over skimmed,” adds Jishu Dev Malakar.

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