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API and Index Bank reached strategic cooperation

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API and Index Bank reached strategic cooperation

November 05
08:02 2019

Nov 4, 2019 – API Stack Boundary and Index Bank officially reached a strategic partnership.

API,the leader of the blockchain ecosystem

API(Stack Boundary) is the international developer alliance of open blockchain, which is righteous, cutting-edge, pioneering, global, and public welfare. Stack Boundary API combines artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, big data, and blockchain to achieve real innovation and integration.

By providing a platform for people who do not understand blockchain to benefit and create value through blockchain technology. For promising projects, many interesting ideas will be realized without going through a tedious process of connecting all the pieces individually. Some of the biggest traditional industries and those hoping to catch up can benefit from this revolutionary combination. All of this is due to the infrastructure innovation provided by the Stack Boundary.

All settlements in the vast ecosystem will be based on the blockchain POA algorithm and smart contract to ensure that all transactions are binding and fair. Through the World Data Conference platform created by the International Development Information Organization, Stack Boundary API promises that the project will be protected not only by the smart contract but also by law. Project founders, investors, suppliers, service providers, and customers will be able to interact through private messages, project teams, and channels. The collaborative network of API will provide more enterprises with technical resources and cooperation resources. The business model will bring innovation and improvement, improve process efficiency, save costs, and create new income streams. It will create opportunities for more people to get jobs, start businesses, and give full play to their value.

Index Bank – the measurement of future digital assets

Index Bank, as a new data asset bank, is a safe and reliable asset management and control tool specially developed for investors under the International Information Development Organization (GCAI) index platform. As the largest data asset bank in the world, Index Bank started the mainstream currency custody business. Index Bank not only provides investors with reliable investment advice but also accepts a variety of mainstream currency custody exchange value preservation and appreciation. In other words, this is a “Yu ‘E Bao” based on digital currency. No matter what the market situation is, as long as investors deposit mainstream currency in Index Bank, they can realize the continuous appreciation of assets without worrying about the loss of principal due to the fluctuation of currency price. It increases the weight of retail investors, reduces market volatility, and help stabilize the market.

GCAI index is a set of asset allocation assistive tools released by the International Development Information Organization on September 29, 2019, for the digital currency market. As mentioned before, a large number of investors are deterred by the digital currency market due to its cryptocurrencies and large price fluctuations. Since launched, the GCAI index has attracted the attention of more than 500 well-known media in the industry, including New York Times, Wall Street Finance, International Daily, Nasdaq Finance, A.P., and Reuters, etc. GCAI index absorbs the advantages of the traditional financial market index and adopts scientific data evaluation methods to evaluate mainstream cryptocurrencies in various aspects, so as to provide more accurate investment data for investors. With the help of the GCAI index, Index Bank manages data assets for customers and realizes the preservation and appreciation of data assets, so as to attract more general investors and enterprises to enter the digital currency market and establish a good financial ecosystem for the whole digital currency market.

Win-win cooperation brings boundless prospects

After a long time of investigation and project research on API Stack Boundary, the expert team of Index Bank believes that API Stack Boundary has great development potential in terms of its application and future development, and formally reaches a strategic partnership on October 31, 2019.

A new favorite of the blockchain ecosystem plus a weathervane with great credibility in the digital currency market. What kind of new digital ecological climate will emerge when they are combined? The development of the digital economy has become an irresistible trend in the future, and the whole digital currency market is facing a huge change. In the future, the digital currency market will change into a new financial system. Let’s look forward!

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