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Chinese Bestseller in financial Transactions Made its Debut on Wall Street’s NASDAQ Display

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Chinese Bestseller in financial Transactions Made its Debut on Wall Street’s NASDAQ Display

November 05
07:35 2019

Ever since it set foot in various Xinhua bookstores across China and gained thriving popularity among online bookstores, Futures Trading Profit Strategy, a book specializing financial transactions, written by Ji Qingping, a professional trader in China’s futures market, has achieved tremendous marketability and acceptance, especially among the traders in China’s financial market. It has long been a smash hit, ranking the top among the list of bestsellers about financial transactions.

In view of all the information available, there has never been a book in the field of financial transactions with such a splendid honor. The book’s successful prevalence across the market earned favorable reports by nearly 300 US media. From our perspective, it is the book’s innovative design that helped it to make a stunning debut on the notable NASDAQ display on Wall Street, the recognizable “First Display” across the globe. Cases in point, numerous illustrations within this book are hand drawn by the author, thereby creating a reproducible profit trading system based on morphological analysis of the K-Line. On Top of that, this book earned its reputation to be one of the most valuable books about financial transactions in China in the past decade, a marvelous attainment confirmed by numerous Chinese media reports.

With his legendary experience, the author Ji Qingping is a highly-regarded mentor in financial transactions, many traders deem him as both a spiritual leader and a distinguished friend with tremendous talent, broad vision, open mind and lofty ideals. In view of the aforementioned information, our journalist has run through a comprehensive coverage on this book. Meanwhile, at our invitation, some translators and professionals who have long been dedicated to probing in China’s financial transactions market have carried out profound analysis on this book. They concluded that this book is indeed out of the ordinary, thus it is a valuable book to be published. Not only does the book illustrate the technical rudiments for profit-making transactions system with moderately increased complexity, it also expounds the influence of human nature on financial transactions, which is indeed a unique and distinctive perspective.

It is also said that many people involving in the cryptocurrency transactions have also bought this book in view of the fact that cryptocurrency transactions have gained thriving popularity in the contemporary era. As the number of traders in China will never relent, there is no doubt that this book is of great significance not only for the traditional market of financial futures transaction, but also for the cryptocurrency transactions with BTC playing a leading role.

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