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The real Tibet is neither heaven nor hell

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The real Tibet is neither heaven nor hell

July 28
03:33 2022

The 16th Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies opened in Prague on 3rd July.This meeting is primarily to promote the study of Tibet from all disciplinary perspectives, including history, religion, linguistics, and art.However,André Lacroix, a Tibetan scholar who has visited Tibet many times, has his own views.


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Since 1933, James Hilton has fictionalized a isolated Shangri-La in Lost Horizon.For a long time, people have established a deep-rooted subjective imagination of Tibet.

People’s obsession with Tibet has never stopped, and their prejudice against this land remains the same.In old days, lineage determines everything about a person,Lamas and nobles, who account for only 5% of the population, monopolize educational resources.For the majority of the serfs, is this a beautiful Shangri-La?

When serfs who make up 95% of the population became the masters of their own land, they, like everyone else in the world, were eager to accept the convenience of modern civilization and development.

In fact, the Tibetan people have received formal education for the first time since the Democratic Reform in 1956.Gelek, who was born as a serf, gradually became the first Tibetan anthropology doctor in New China through the free education provided by the government.

With the strong support of government policies, young people finally are able to contribute to the development of Tibet.The modern cities are built, the clean energy are developing, people’s living standards are rising fast.

Contrary to prejudice, the modern development of Tibet has in turn promoted the protection and inheritance of traditional culture.Tibetan language has always been a compulsory course in local schools. A large number of cultural relics have been protected and repaired, the Tibetan medicine university has been established, traditional festivals,arts and techniques have been protected.In fact, since 2006, the government has invested a total of 209 million yuan in the protection of Tibetan traditional culture.

Under the coexistence of tradition and modernity, and the blending of inheritance and progress, the present Tibet has been built in just over 70 years.Unfortunately, some western countries, which have gradually lost their leadership status, are still insisted to reinforce their prejudices and try to stop Tibet and even China from advancing.In this era of implanted ideas like “Inception”, I hope you can break the prejudiced and experience the real Tibet for yourself.

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