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JASMINER: Drive crypto world, make trust more simple

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JASMINER: Drive crypto world, make trust more simple

May 13
21:41 2022

As the “trust machine” of Web3.0 and the digital age, blockchain encryption technology is a key support for digital empowerment and driving the high-quality development of the digital economy. The characteristics of blockchain, such as tamper-proof, traceability, and distributed storage, enable data trust to have a reliable technical guarantee, and also allow data to generate the most basic value.

At present, the digital transformation of Web 3.0 driven by blockchain encryption technology as the underlying technology of the industry has become an irresistible development trend. How to promote high-quality development with all-round, deep-level, and refined field innovation momentum and break through the “stuck neck” technology has become a common challenge faced by the digital industry. Among them, JASMINER provides a practical model for driving the transformation and upgrading of the digital era with its high-throughput computing chip liberation solution.

JASMINER is a global brand of high-throughput computing power chips, which is based in the crypto industry and provides high-end processors and services to the global market, and concentrating on providing world-class computing power to the crypto world, striving to drive the new wave of the Web3.0 era, and making trust more simple. At present, JASMINER is leading the world of 3D integrated memory and computing high-throughput processors, and has realized the design, manufacture and mass production of the world’s first integrated storage and computing high-throughput chip JASMINER X4. The computing power products equipped with the JASMINER X4 chip have the characteristics of “high throughput, high computing power, and low power consumption”. With the continuous development of the global market, JASMINER products and services are also being widely recognized in the industry.

From the perspective of products and solutions, JASMINER has comprehensive experience and advantages in blockchain underlying technology, ASIC research and development, and software and hardware, helping users efficiently participate in the blockchain network while reducing the energy consumption cost. This is also the use of product technology differentiation capabilities to empower industry development. For example, the flagship product JASMINER X4 High-throughput 1U server, the hash  rate is 520MH/s±10%, and the power consumption is only 240w±10%. By improving computing performance and reducing energy consumption, it has captured the love of a large number of users who pursue “high hash rate and low power consumption”. Not only does it help users to persevere in the bullish and bearish markets, but JASMINER also allows users to generate value during use. Whether it is reducing costs, improving security, improving trust mechanisms, or reducing human input and time costs, JASMINER brings tangible value to customers.

Standing at the new starting point of the booming global digital economy, JASMINER insists on innovative development and continues to empower customers, partners and industries, output more valuable high-throughput computing power solutions, provide a full range of computing power ecological services, and continue to iteratively optimize. In the future, JASMINER will continue to dig deep into this industry and gradually expand its capability boundaries, from underlying computing power services, to digital asset security, application protocol security, etc., and drive the digital age to a new stage with the technology and brand power of “making trust more simple”.

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