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Creative BioMart Enables Protein Engineering for a Wide Variety of Applications

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Creative BioMart Enables Protein Engineering for a Wide Variety of Applications

October 28
18:37 2021

New York, USA – October 28, 2021 – Creative BioMart, a biotechnology company that has been focused on developing high quality protein products and efficient protein manufacturing techniques, now enables protein engineering for a wide variety of applications by combining multiple technologies, benefiting thousands of researchers in improving or generating proteins with new and desired functions.

The main goal of protein engineering is to identify specific changes in amino acid sequences and alter such sequences to obtain desired functional properties. In general, two approaches have emerged in protein engineering: computational simulation based on modern computer technology, called rational design, and, experimental/molecular methods based on natural themes of evolution, called directed evolution.

Protein engineering has been applied to protein design and rewiring in various industries, such as chemical processing, household, food processing, and biopharmaceuticals. Based on the availability of sequence-structure relationship studies, researchers apply rational design or directed evolution, or a combination of both, to obtain proteins with desired properties.

At Creative BioMart, the scientists have developed computational and experimental tools and provided reliable avenues for protein engineering from the genetic information starting point to the final optimization of proteins.

Up to now, protein engineering platforms at Creative BioMart mainly include:

Directed Evolution: Phage display platform, E. coli display platform, Yeast display platform, Special cell-based display platform, Cell-free display platform

Rational Design: Sequence-based design, Structure-based design, De novo design

Library Construction: Random mutagenesis, Site directed mutagenesis, DNA recombination

“Past years have seen rapid development of protein engineering techniques. It has been rapidly expanded in both industrial and health care sectors. With years of experience and cutting-edge facilities, we have been an expert know to the research community,” said Linna, the chief marketing staff at Creative BioMart.

To get a view on the whole list of protein engineering platforms provided by Creative BioMart, please visit

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