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Deirdre Gilbert, Running for Texas Governor, Invites Other Black Women Candidates to Rally Together

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Deirdre Gilbert, Running for Texas Governor, Invites Other Black Women Candidates to Rally Together

October 28
17:54 2021

Dallas, TX, USA – October 28, 2021 – For the first time in history, five (5) Black Women are running for Governor in five (5) different states. When Deirdre Gilbert heard there are five black women running for governor for their states across America, she reached out to their campaign managers with an invitation to come together for the sake of the entire country. Senator Mia McLeod, Connie Johnson, Danielle Allen, and Deidre DeJear have all been invited to join Gilbert in Dallas for a special press conference recognizing these women and the unprecedented history they are making. To date, not one state has ever elected an African-American woman governor.

Gilbert is motivated to rally the country together around all the black women candidates. “A win for one is a win for all. It’s time to talk about representation,” says Gilbert. “I’m excited to invite these women to have a conversation about rallying America to come together and move the needle in this direction.”

Representative Stacy Abrams says, “The world is going to impact us one way or another. I’d rather be in the arena shaping the outcome,” Abrams said. I’d rather be part of the doing than a part of the done unto.”

Black women will be a force to be reckoned with in the 2022 elections, with this year being the first time in history to have 5 Black Women running for governor. Black women political leaders and organizations are already laser-focused on getting more Black women elected, saying Kamala Harris’ historic election as vice president is just the beginning.

“If our government doesn’t look like the people it’s supposed to represent, that means there are tons of voices, perspectives, issues, challenges that certain communities are facing that don’t have a voice,” says Jenn Addison, a staff member at She Should Run.

Although women comprise half of the United States’ population, women hold just 19 percent of seats (84 out of 435 seats) in the United States House of Representatives and 21 of 100 seats in the Senate. For black women, the numbers are even smaller; just 20 currently have seats in the House of Representatives.

Gilbert is speaking out on behalf of the everyday American people and running to become the next governor for Texas. Gilbert is an African American woman who has worked tirelessly in her own community. She’s worked on issues such as the denial of voting rights in local elections. She has spoken before the Texas Legislature and U.S. Congress in Washington D.C on civil rights. Gilbert has helped to shape legislation regarding whistleblowers, medical malpractice, and education. Deirdre Gilbert is not afraid of a battle and is willing to speak up for those who are unable to speak for themselves.

Since 2011, Deirdre Gilbert has not backed down from her challenges, founding non-profits such as the National Medical Malpractice Advocacy Association (NMMAA), serving as its National Director, and Executive Director of the Jocelyn Y. Dickson Foundation. Gilbert advocates high standards of ethics and morality to ensure non-abuse of the powers entrusted to the profession by the American people.

Under her direction, these non-profits have gained support from members of Congress, garnered attention and recognition among state lawmakers, and sparked open dialogue and inquiry into medical negligence. The core of her message is consistent: Justice for All.

“For much of Texas history, many Texans inhabited a moral, legal and societal universe that shows a warped mirror image totally distorted. This warped reality has spilled over into America’s mission to the world. The idea that all human beings, as such and without exception, are entitled to certain rights, respect, and dignity has been embedded in the hearts of man that such does not exist. The repeated refusal to take constitutional safeguards that protect individuals from immoral equality has been the defining reason for my running for Governor of Texas. Moral equality and rights are universal and are not special pleadings for the privilege.”


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