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From Homeless Drug Addict To Millionaire: How investing in meme coins turned around this farmworker’s life

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From Homeless Drug Addict To Millionaire: How investing in meme coins turned around this farmworker’s life

October 25
16:48 2021
From Homeless Drug Addict To Millionaire: How investing in meme coins turned around this farmworker’s life
A drug addict farmworker who went homeless for some time learned about meme coins from a friend and made a fortune by investing in them. He now wants to beat Facebook in the race to the Metaverse by creating the Pooniverse.

Arkansas City, Kansas – October 25th, 2021 – Technology is disrupting our lives at unpreceded speed: We see new innovations impacting us every day on all dimensions. Covid has further accelerated this digitalization and virtualization, with the majority of social and business interactions now taking place online. Recent studies confirmed that especially generations Y and Z have grown up in virtual worlds, preferring online over in-person interaction. Everything is happening online for this generation: From shopping, studying, working, and socializing to dating and even personal interactions. Many researchers and technology insiders believe that this development, combined with the mainstream adoption of the blockchain, has made migration into the Metaverse inevitable. This Metaverse is an iteration of the internet, where everything is possible in an online world of Virtual and Augmented Reality. One of the first adopters of the new Metaverse is the Pooniverse, enabling anyone to be whatever they wish to be in this virtual world where the only boundary is your imagination.

One of the key spokesmen for the Pooniverse community, John Hunter, was quoted as saying, “I struggled all life long, got into drugs ways too young, ended up herding cattle on a ranch all day at minimum wage and was even homeless for a while. When a friend told me about meme coins, my life turned around – now I am living the American dream and want to give back.”

With the Pooniverse community project, he is hopeful that more and more people will be interested in this new future of the internet where people will have the power to be whatever they want to be. John struggled his lifelong until he turned around his path thanks to meme coins. Now he wants to help others and give back to the community by creating the Pooniverse. Being a meme NFT and gaming project, where Poo from Elon Musk’s Shiba Inu Doge called Floki is the entry into the parallel universe called Pooniverse, it, of course, is also to be seen as the ultimate pun against capitalism and the establishment. In a world where a Doge-face meme coin can be worth billions and a JPEGs goes on sale for $69m, why would a rare picture of poo not also be worth millions? The success of this project depends largely on the community and how they appreciate it in the best way. So, it’s up to all of you to make the best out of the Pooniverse.

With such a massive meme potential and a good amount of irony, the Pooniverse could well become the talk of the town. So those of you who are on the lookout for being a part of something special should surely make it a point to check out the Pooniverse website at

About Pooniverse 

Pooniverse is the new meme NFT and gaming community project that takes a pun at the Metaverse by taking the idea that anything is possible in virtual reality to its extreme: Something as worthless as a jpeg of poo being a super rare piece of NFT art. It is the real manifestation of what is possible in the metaverse.

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